• “Everyone should volunteer. It’s inspirational. You don’t realize how much of an impact it makes when you give a little time, even if you are really busy. Sometimes something as simple as a conversation with a participant or just knowing that your effort was part of something so big can really impact you, and that’s pretty cool.”

    Jen MacDougall
    Engineering Project Manager

  • “Helping others is part of Enservio’s DNA. It’s reassuring to work for a company that believes giving back is just, the right thing to do.”

    Jon Place
    Sr Manager, Commercial Services

  • “When you volunteer you get to feel like your best self, see your coworkers being their best selves and working to help others be their best selves! What more could you want out of your time? I love volunteering because it gives me a way to connect with my community and coworkers in a different way.”

    Heather Strangeflower
    Senior Manager, Service Operations

  • “I’m lucky enough in life to be so fortunate, so I love giving back to members of the community who are less fortunate and to charities that support great causes.”

    Stephanie Sellers
    Account Manager

We Love Our Community

Philanthropy is an intrinsic part of the Enservio culture and philosophy that pervades deep into our organization. Enservio is proud to support our local community through a number of different community service programs. Our employees regularly participate in building houses with Habitat for Humanity, serving food at local food banks and participating in charity walks and runs to raise money and awareness for a host of important issues.

Below are some of the charitable organizations we work with regularly:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  • Boston based food banks