EnservioCOMMERCIAL Plays Crucial Role in Reopening of University Library after $2.5 Million in Fire Damages

Contents Claims Experts Inventory, Valuate, Replace 35,000 and Re-shelve 185,000 Volumes of the Library's Collection

Needham, Mass. – June 19, 2012- Columbia International University (CIU) kicked off 2012 with a big celebration – the reopening of the university's G. Allen Fleece Library after a devastating fire caused $2.5 million in damages to the structure and contents. EnservioCOMMERCIAL (www.enservio.com), the nation's only comprehensive contents claims solution designed specifically for commercial property claims, played an important role in restoring the library's collection for the reopening.

Domain Expertise Streamlines the Process

Enservio had handled many fire losses involving media claims in the past and appointed Sandra Garber, an Enservio senior project manager and a former librarian, as a lead project manager. Garber's domain expertise streamlined coordination and communication between the contents claims team and library staff throughout the entire claims process. It was quickly determined that smoke had damaged almost every book in the library's collection of 185,000 volumes. Additional insights and actions achieved by the contents claims team included:

  • 35,000 books were deemed a total loss and replaced
  • 150,000 volumes were cleaned and saved
  • All of the lost and damaged library furniture and computers were inventoried, saved when possible, and all total loss items replaced

"Because a university's library collection is at the core of the academic community, we wanted experts who understood our unique needs, and could bring us back to full operation as quickly as possible," said Keith Marion, CIU Sr. Vice President for Development and Operations. "Every step of the contents claims process was handled efficiently, accurately and with complete transparency. We appreciated Enservio's work so much we invited them to the dedication ceremony when the library reopened."

Project Management Approach Keeps Claims on Track

Enservio appointed a second project manager, a former construction company president, to coordinate logistics and operations. The logistics project manager orchestrated each phase of the contents claims process with the construction teams rebuilding the internal structure of the library. The Enservio team also oversaw every aspect of book transportation, unloading, and re-shelving leading up to the reopening, including the following logistical and operational activities:

  • Cataloguing and organization of the entire library collection during the rebuilding and renovation of the internal structure
  • Unpacking, sorting and re-shelving of 150,000 conserved books filed in accordance with the library's cataloguing system
  • Interfiling the 35,000 replacement volumes within the cataloguing system
  • Coordinating re-shelving with the library's acquisition's team to accommodate collection growth

"The CIU library project was one of the most challenging and rewarding commercial property claims we've handled," said Jay Straughan, vice president of EnservioCOMMERCIAL. "We were honored to play a part in the restoration of such an important academic resource to the university community, and the Enservio contents team was thrilled to participate in the reopening ceremony."

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