Insured Portal

Expedite accurate inventory capture

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  • Secure online portal makes it easy for your insureds to create accurate inventories of smaller losses at their convenience, 24 hours a day
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How It Works

  • Direct your insured to log on to and create an account to get started
  • Your insureds enter item information into the data grid and have the option of “saving” their claim, allowing them to continue working on it a later time. Insureds can also “submit” their list to start the valuation process
  • Our valuation experts process the inventory utilizing our proprietary valuation platform and assign precise values to the lost items
  • We then deliver the final valuation report to you to settle the claim with your insured
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  • Increases customer satisfaction by allowing your insureds to complete the inventory on their own time
  • Secure online portal requires only an internet connection to create and submit a contents inventory
  • Ensures the capture of key information needed for accurate valuation of lost items
  • Expedites claim settlement by empowering insured with an easy to use inventory tool

Have your insured log on to to start building their online inventory.