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Experience the power of policyholder
collaboration & self-service

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Policyholder Collaboration & Self-service

The Customer Portal provides real-time collaboration with policyholders and allows them to self-service important aspects of their contents assignments – speeding settlement and enhancing customer satisfaction. Policyholders have the ability to create their contents inventory which is fed directly into ContentsExpress for expedited processing. Policyholders have access to the secure online web interface where they can quickly and easily self-service the creation of their contents inventory when it’s convenient for them, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This significantly enhances workflow efficiency and leads to faster settlement.  The policyholder can also redeem claim payments, choose payment options, and review the status of payments.

The Customer Portal is also compatible with mobile devices and tablets for an enhanced user experience.



  • Enables policyholder self-service for contents inventories
  • Enhances workflow efficiency through real-time claim collaboration
  • Expedites claim settlement and boosts customer satisfaction
  • Ensures the capture of key item information needed for accurate valuation
  • Expedites claim settlement by empowering insured with an easy to use inventory tool
  • Requires only an internet connection and offers 24x7 access
  • Enables policyholders to redeem payments and choose payment methods

Key Features

item-level-notes-attachments iconItem Level Notes
      & Attachments

  • Policyholders can easily upload photos and receipts to any line item
  • Policyholder and adjuster notes are easily managed and reviewed, ensuring accuracy
  • Easily transfer notes to include in the settlement report

receipt-manager-iconReceipt Manager

Take the stress out of recoverable depreciation with 1-click completion

  • Policyholders easily handle receipt matching for you
  • Recoverable depreciation is automatically calculated for you

livechat-support iconLiveChat Support

Allows for instant communication to our help desk for portal support