Fraud Detection & Analytics

Leverage real-time business intelligence and transform your business

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Fraud Detection Business Intelligence

Insight into your contents claims can transform your business. By partnering with Enservio you can tap into the largest contents data warehouse in the world and successfully address the questions below to significantly enhance your bottom line:

  • How can I effectively identify and combat fraudulent claims?
  • How can I profile my customers more accurately and better understand their needs?
  • How can I create better, smarter products for my customers?
  • How can I improve service while better managing risk – once those policies turn into claims?
  • How can I increase customer loyalty?
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Identify and combat fraudulent claims that you’re not catching today

ContentsAnalyzer™ effectively identifies and combats fraudulent claims in real-time – alerting your team prior to settlement. The solution is the industry’s only software tool that scores contents claims both as a whole and at the individual line item level, for maximized cost containment. As a result, ContentsAnalyzer increases quality SIU referrals by up to 20% which addresses a significant amount of fraudulent claims not being identified today.

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Right-price policies upfront while decreasing risk and gaining efficiencies

Contents ITV® is patent-pending contents coverage estimation software that leverages the eleven years of data Enservio has compiled on what’s in an insured’s home or business. The tool automates the formerly complex task of quantifying the total value of personal property across 200 product categories within a single family home, condo, mobile home or rental property.

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