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B2B/Virtual Payments

Turnkey Virtual Payment Processing Solution

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B2B/Virtual Payments

Our virtual payment process is a turnkey processing solution. This allows you to send all B2B payments for processing, and relies on an extensive payee database to determine payee preferences which have led to successful adoption rates. We also handle checks and EFTs for exceptions. The solution provides processing for all B2B payees, including medical, auto, TPAs, ALE and others.

The solution provides automated web-based reporting, advanced end-to-end product administration systems, streamlined electronic contracting and remittance as well as dedicated data integration services for third party systems.

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Benefits for the Carrier

  • No transaction or set-up fees
  • Reduce provider print/mail costs to zero
  • Eliminate stop-pay/re-issue
  • Simplified reconciliation
  • Lessens potential for fraud versus paper checks
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3rd Party Benefits

  • Faster than mail
  • Funds are available upon settlement
  • No deposit trips to the bank
  • Lessens potential for fraud versus paper
  • Payments and associated data stay together
  • Easy reconciliation