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Reloadable MasterCard Provides Immediate Access to Funds

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Reloadable MasterCard

The Paysurance card is a reloadable MasterCard designed specifically for the insurance industry that helps increase claim efficiency while improving customer satisfaction. As a smart alternative to checks, especially with multiple disbursements to the same insured(s), it can help save time and reduce costs. Most important, the card provides immediate access to funds, helping you deliver a better customer experience.

The card can be used at millions of merchants; anywhere MasterCard is welcome. ATM withdrawals are surcharge free. The Paysurance Card is a total financial solution acting as a “bank in pocket.”

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  • Increases policyholder satisfaction by putting money in their hands up to 3X faster
  • Reduces your expense by as much as 80%
  • Patented multi-party authorization expands reach of electronic payments
  • Increases policyholder retention by offering exclusive discounts, cash back and extended warranties

Key Features

easy-distribution-iconEasy Distribution

  • You can hand the card to the policyholder onsite, with or without funds loaded
  • Personalized cards will be mailed from our centralized fulfillment center

assignment-flexibility-iconEasy to Load and Reload

  • Utilize our web-based portal, or utilize our API directly from your claim management system

enservioiq-iconQuick Activation

  • The cardholder can activate and use the card as soon as funds are loaded
  • Activation can be processed online or from an 800 number

processing-and-funding-iconProcessing and Funding

  • Data delivered from carrier to Paysurance Payments in daily batch file or real-time through API
  • Funds delivered via EFT to the bank overnight
  • Data validated and processed by Paysurance™ Payments
  • Cards produced, reconciled and/or reloaded based on data and funding