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Classic Valuation

Ensure your customers are paid a fair,
accurate settlement, minimizing severity

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  • Enservio’s core contents valuation service relies on our TrueLKQ® dataset of more than 15 million products compiled over the last 9 years with pricing updated nightly for the fastest, most accurate matches
  • Uses an optimal mix of people and technology focused on your requirements
  • Our technology moves beyond Google searches to find the closest match based on aggregated pricing from 385 top retailers and more than 150,000 brands
  • Valuation services relying only on Google are inherently biased toward those advertisers buying Google adwords rather than finding the best price, resulting in inaccurate valuations
  • Matches are based on Key Value Factors, such as brand, make, and model, because not all items are priced equally (Example: a description of a “white shirt” from Wal-Mart may be worth $5 while a “white shirt” from Nordstrom may be worth upwards of $55)
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How It Works

  • Submit your claim online or call us at 888.567.7557 to assign your claim to Enservio
  • Our team of valuation specialists utilize our proprietary valuation software to quickly find accurate LKQ matches to your inventoried items
  • You get a complete and comprehensive valuation report with an easy to read summary page and clear calculations to make it easy to settle your claim
  • The report itemizes all the lines in the claim with simple explanations of RCV, Tax, Depreciation, and Limits
  • The reports source pricing from precise sources where the item or a better model can be purchased
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  • Removes the tedious burden of researching contents values from your plate
  • Frees adjusters to focus on structural and more strategic tasks
  • Accurate and defensible valuations speed cycle times , enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Ensures you pay the right settlement amount, minimizing severity and improving the settlement experience on all sides
  • Detailed, data-driven settlement reports lessen the amount of back and forth with your insureds, improving transparency and overall communications
  • Helps your insureds get their life back quickly after a loss, building customer loyalty