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Payments w/ Mortgages
& Liens

Quickly and smoothly clear claims with mortgages

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Payments with Mortgages/Liens

Our Mortgage and lienholder solution allows you to quickly and smoothly clear claims with mortgages, reduce the number of monitored claims, and provide payment choice to the insured – all leading to increased policyholder retention.

Multi-Party Activation

Our patented electronic settlement system enables insurance carriers to offer policyholders the flexibility of claims settlement funds on two or more payment instruments that can be used simultaneously. All payees must approve payment before funds are available, replicating the safety features of multi-party checks – simplifying the claims settlement process overall.



  • Quickly and smoothly clear claims with mortgages/liens
  • Save money over printing checks/ improve ROI
  • Reduce the number of monitored claims
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Increase policyholder retention
  • Gives policyholders payment choice enhancing the customer experience