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Contents Inventory

Deliver exceptional service to your insureds
with fast, accurate inventory capture

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"I appreciate your help on the claim. Your presence at the residence and our diligence in going through the contents is probably what settled the claim..."
- Brian Gates, Adjuster, Motorists Mutual Insurance

Deliver better customer service to your insureds with fast, accurate inventory recreation of lost items – whether it’s onsite or telephone transcription with a trained contents expert. By offloading the inventory work to us, you’ll reduce cycle times by up to 70% on large loss. Speed settlements by minimizing the back and forth with your insureds and relieving your policyholders of the burden of determining what was lost on site during a difficult time.

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sos-iconService On Site®(SOS)

Ideal for large losses

Deliver exceptional customer service with nationwide boots on the ground
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Transcription service for adjusters

Free capacity by offloading contents to a remote specialist Learn More >>

phone iconListAssist®

Transcription service for policyholders

Expedite settlements with accurate, realtime inventory capture Learn More >>


  • Reduces cycle times by as much as 70% for large loss
  • Lessens the amount of back and forth with your insureds; speeds settlement
  • Relieves policyholder burden in figuring out what is, or was, on site
  • Helps your insureds get their life back quickly after a loss
  • Increases insured satisfaction, driving policy retention