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Simplify & speed your claim settlement process

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How We Can Help

Enservio provides services that help adjusters and claims professionals solve one of the biggest issues in property insurance – quantifying and valuing what’s inside a policyholder’s home. With Enservio you can settle claims quickly and accurately, effectively managing your claims pending and keeping your policyholders happy. From onsite inventory creation and forensic reconstruction of non-restorable contents to transcription, desk appraisal, contents valuation services, payment and replacement – our services simplify and speed the claims settlement process.

Explore our services below to see how we can help streamline your contents workflow and effectively manage claims pending.

Easy Claim Submission

Pick the option that works best for you

Choose from a number of quick and easy ways to submit your contents assignments to Enservio for fast accurate settlement. With our online form, LiveChat phone or fax options – we let you decide the option that works best for you.

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Commercial Claims

Expedite getting your insured’s business up and running

Expedite getting your insured’s business up and running with our complete solution for “Main Street” commercial contents property claims, including management of all size losses and perils. This service is ideal for sectors such as retail; restaurant; service and repair; libraries; schools; healthcare; distribution and warehouses.

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Contents Inventory

Deliver exceptional service to your insureds with fast, accurate inventory capture

Deliver exceptional service to your policyholders with fast, accurate inventory recreation of lost items – whether it’s onsite or telephone transcription with a trained contents expert. By offloading the inventory work to us, you’ll reduce cycle times by up to 70% on large loss. Speed settlements by minimizing the back and forth with your insureds and relieving your policyholders of the burden of determining what was lost on site during a difficult time.

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Contents Valuation

Minimize back and forth with insureds by giving them the most accurate valuations

Minimize back and forth with insureds by giving them the most accurate valuations. Unlike other contents companies who rely on Google searches to value lost items, we employ our TrueLKQ® product database. Google is frequently biased toward paid placements and not designed to provide accurate pricing. In contrast, our pricing dataset is optimized for Like Kind and Quality matching based on 15 million products, more than 385 vendors and over a decade’s worth of historical pricing data, updated nightly.

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Jewelry Valuation

Enhance customer satisfaction with precise appraisals, specially priced replacements

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Recoverable Depreciation

Reduce the time to process recoverable depreciation with Enservio’s Receipt Capture Services. We simplify the content inventory process by assisting you with the receipt management process.

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Make it easy for your policyholders to restore their lives with exclusive access to millions of products at discounts of up to 30% in your own branded online shopping platform. From clothing to appliances, your mall has all the products your insureds need to get back on their feet from hundreds of top retailers.

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Select for Specialty Valuation

Expertly service your high-worth customers without hiring additional staff

Expertly service your high-worth customers without hiring additional staff. Enservio’s team of in-house Select® specialists provide nationwide inventory and valuation of fine art, collectibles, antiques and unique items, as well as deliver expert assistance for high-net-worth policyholders in the areas of collection cataloging, appraisal, and art advisory.

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