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  • A complete solution for “Main Street” commercial contents property claims, including management of all size losses and perils. Ideal for sectors such as retail; restaurant; service and repair; libraries; schools; healthcare; distribution and warehouses
  • Plugs into your existing process and delivers highly skilled experts to assist with inventory creation, validation of on-hand inventory, valuation, negotiation of salvage bids and sale of stock and equipment
  • Specialist teams focused on tools, hardware, electronics, automotive, office accessories, furniture, among other categories
  • Provides a single point of contact for coordination of inventory capture, valuation, and salvage and sale of stock and equipment
  • Usage of our onsite inventory services enables you to effectively “freeze the loss”
  • Allows you to leverage enservio’s network of retail manufacturing direct relationships to assist your customers in replacing business-critical items at superior prices
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How It Works

  • Submit your claim online or call us at 888.567.7557 to assign your commercial claim to enservio
  • Our team of commercial specialists will immediately arrange an onsite visit with your insured, frequently within 24 hours of the loss. We separate damaged goods and can assist with obtaining salvage bids from a national database of salvage buyers as required
  • At the site, our specialists work closely with your insured to create a detailed contents inventory from scratch or to verify an insured’s on-hand inventory, determining key value factors including item make, model, dimensions, part numbers, country of origin, etc.
  • Invoice sampling helps independently verify the insured’s claim
  • You get a complete and comprehensive valuation report with an easy to read summary page and clear calculations to make it easy to settle your claim
  • The report itemizes all the lines in the claim with simple explanations of RCV, Tax, Depreciation, and Limits
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  • Minimizes disruption to your policyholder’s business
  • Allows you to control the customer cadence with no contents distraction
  • Removes the tedious burden of managing commercial contents losses from your plate, freeing you to focus on structural and more customer-focused tasks
  • Accurate valuation expedites cycle time and speeds settlement
  • Ensures you pay the right settlement amount, minimizing severity and improving the settlement experience on all sides
  • Detailed, data-driven settlement reports lessen the amount of back and forth with your insureds, improving transparency and overall communications