Getting Started With enservio – Policyholders

We’re Here to Support You and Your Family During an Emotional Time

“I am so thankful for the help I received. I had no idea where to start. My insurance company brought in professionals…enservio carefully captured all of my lost property – they showed great respect for my possessions and patience.”
-Policyholder, Newington, CT

When you’ve experienced a loss, many professionals are involved in helping you get your life back in order. Your insurance carrier typically retains enservio to work with you on recreating a list of items that are damaged beyond repair. Your carrier may also utilize enservio to help you value these items to ensure you are paid the appropriate settlement. With over a decade’s worth of data on what’s inside an insured’s home and more than $10 B claims processed since 2008, enservio is the leader in contents claims services. Our goal is simple — to help policyholders across the country restore their lives.

What We Do

Our services may take several forms:

  • Trained forensic specialists who come on site and walk through your property, room by room, facilitating a complete reconstruction of your contents and expediting settlement of your claim
  • Remote contents specialists who work with you over the phone to transcribe a list of personal property
  • An policyholder portal where you can submit your list electronically at your convenience to jumpstart your claim
  • Your enservio professional may also help you value each lost item based on model, brand and other key price drivers to determine the best replacement pricing for the item or a better model, as well as the retail outlet

In all cases, we review each step of the process with you to address any areas of concern and ensure you and your adjusters have a comprehensive report of our findings.

Ask your carrier if they’re using enservio…