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Policy Estimation Solution

Contents ITV® is patent-pending contents coverage estimation software that leverages the eleven years of data enservio has compiled on what’s in an insured’s home or business. The tool automates the formerly complex task of quantifying the total value of personal property across 200 product categories within a single family home, condo, mobile home or rental property. It gives policyholders the ability to create their own extensive home inventory list and set the right amount of coverage for them.

Carriers and agents can easily integrate with existing portal and web applications (based on Web APIs) so that underwriters, agents and consumers can see accurate contents limits alongside structural limits. They can view aggregated analyses of ITV opportunities across the entire book of business or on a risk-by-risk basis with the ability to configure large batches of policies with different views.

  • Ensures adequate , defensible coverage estimates for carriers and appropriate levels of coverage for each policyholder
  • Highly accurate, increases profitability (loss ratio impact of 2-4 points)
  • Reduces risk
  • Paves the way for smooth claim settlements in the event of a loss, enhancing loyalty and building customer retention
  • Leverages database of household inventory in almost every U.S. neighborhood




Policy Estimation Solution

insured-portal-iconAutomatic Coverage C Estimation

Input a name and address into ContentsITV and it automatically predicts the total cost of contents in a home or building

insured-portal-iconHome Inventory Creation

Users can create a secure and extensive home inventory by adding an unlimited number of personal property items inside the interface

insured-portal-icon200 Product Categories

Predicted values for each of the 200 product categories can be easily modified to tailor the coverage to address additional electronics, sports equipment, or other areas where insureds may invest