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The Enservio Contents Platform

The Enservio Contents Platform is transforming the way insurance carriers do business. By empowering carriers to enable policyholder self-service and leveraging real-time business intelligence, our platform allows carriers to unlock the highest quality business outcome for their contents programs – achieving superior customer satisfaction and efficient workflow.

The Contents Platform is based on our proprietary SaaS cloud environment for enhanced security and performance. With our proprietary cloud infrastructure you can ensure you are always running the latest version of our platform which is updated automatically, your software is always available 24/7 and does not require IT installation or maintenance.

The platform offers a fully integrated suite of software solutions that address every aspect of the contents management value chain. Explore our product offerings below:

Contents Express

Contents Management Solution

ContentsExpress® is the industry’s leading contents management solution trusted by top insurance carriers nationwide. Built with claim processing speed and accuracy at its core, ContentsExpress helps claims professionals work smarter and faster and gives your team the ultimate boost in workflow efficiency while satisfying your policyholder’s expectations. Real-time actionable business data paired with complete assignment flexibility puts you in the driver seat to manage your contents program for maximum ROI.

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Customer Portal

Empowering your Policyholders in the Contents Inventory Process

The enservio Customer Portal empowers your policyholders in the contents inventory process – speeding settlement and enhancing customer satisfaction. Policyholders have the ability to upload or create their contents inventory list which is fed directly into ContentsExpress. This significantly enhances workflow efficiency and leads to faster settlement. The enservio Customer Portal is also compatible with mobile devices and tablets for an enhanced user experience.

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Contents Analyzer

Fraud Detection Solution

ContentsAnalyzer™ effectively identifies and combats fraudulent claims in real-time – alerting your team prior to settlement. The solution is the industry’s only tool that scores claims both as a whole and at the individual line item level, for maximized results. ContentsAnalyzer increases quality SIU referrals by up to 20%. The product integrates with ContentsExpress – automatically scoring claims as they are processed. It can also be integrated with your current system requiring no change to your existing referral workflow.

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Preferred Pricing

Replacement Solution

Preferred Pricing delivers an exclusive set of discounted pricing for contents replacement across all major product categories in the form of an online shopping environment. Carriers can pass on these special deals to policyholders offering replacement discounts up to 30% from over 385 retailers and 150,000 brands. The solution integrates with our ContentsExpress claim management solution giving your team access to unmatched pricing.

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Straight Through Contents®

Enhance Efficiency, Speed Settlements

Enservio’s Straight Through Contents® is an end-to-end contents claim solution that effortlessly guides the policyholder from inventory capture to payment in real-time. Straight Through Contents® streamlines the contents claim process by automating low-risk claims and providing an accurate settlement. Utilizing innovation and artificial intelligence (AI), it expedites claims to meet customer expectations in our on-demand society.

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