Service on Site (SOS)

Deliver exceptional customer service with
nationwide boots on the ground

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  • Boots-on-the-ground professionals go onsite at any time (including CATs and sparsely resourced or difficult to access areas) augmenting your staff by working directly with your policyholders to reconstruct inventories of lost items.
  • Our highly trained specialists do all the contents legwork for you, helping you reduce cycle time by up to 70% on large loss — frequently compressing the process from months to days.
  • Our specialists are trained to handle especially complex scenarios, including elderly and sick insureds, public adjuster losses, language issues as well as high net worth losses.
  • Detailed inventories are catalogued via headset, voice recorder and digital imaging and transcribed into an easy to read and understand reports.
  • Nationwide coverage ensures specialists help you deliver immediate response within all U.S. states, frequently within 24 hours of a peril.
  • Available for both personal and commercial contents losses.
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How it Works

  • Call us at 888.567.7557, and we’ll immediately arrange an onsite visit with your policyholder, in many cases, within 24 hours of the loss
  • At the site, our specialists work closely with your insured to create a detailed contents inventory, securing key value factors including item make, model, dimensions, part numbers, country of origin, etc.
  • You receive an electronic copy of the completed inventory listing within days of the site inspection, depending on size and complexity of the loss
  • We’ll save you time and minimize severity by valuing the contents inventory list for you (optional service)
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  • Cut your cycle time by 70% on large losses, accelerating settlement times
  • Remove the tedious, often complex process of inventorying contents from your plate
  • “Freeze losses” and expedite settlements with quick, accurate summaries that remove the potential for moral hazard
  • Add capacity to your team of adjusters on demand
  • Free your time to focus on structural and customer issues
  • Deliver exceptional service to your insureds, increasing satisfaction and loyalty