Content Specialist From a Top 10 Insurance Carrier

“Truly great job every time, every single time.”

I wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about the wonderful service I consistently receive from DJ Calabrese. I work on content losses related to large fires. I have found myself in a pinch not being able to locate, or document certain items throughout the inventory. DJ immediately gets me results on any loss that I submit for content analysis. Recently I had to go meet with an insured and found that I had an outstanding issue on 25+ golf club sets. I called DJ and explained that I needed the review before the end of the business day and I was told it was not a problem; he would get it to me.

Mr. Calabrese always gets a verbal review and knows the situation ahead of me and knows what direction I need to go.

On the large content fire losses I handle I need to have a leg to stand on with the insured. DJ provides knowledge in areas where I have none, time efficiency when I need a boost, and professional excellence in the reports he delivers.

Quite frankly, he is the greatest resource my job has. I am happy to utilize DJ and the team any time I need a review on a file. Truly great job every time, every single time.

Thank you for all the assistance.

A Happy Content Specialist from a Top 10 Insurance Carrier