Firemans Fund Adjuster

“Performance and experience with Enservio has been wonderful”

Mr. McNeill,

Hello, though you do not know me, I was a proud Field Inventory Specialist of Enservio for almost 2 years. I greatly enjoyed the atmosphere created by the staff of Enservio, which made climbing through mold and smoldering wood much more enjoyable. Sadly, I recently left my position as an inventory specialist and joined Fireman’s Fund as a High Net Worth Property Adjuster. After almost 2 years of loyalty to Enservio, my ears still perk up when I hear “Enservio” in conversation, more often than not, I catch myself answering the phone with “This is Jonathan Price from Ense…Fireman’s Fund”.

In any case, I wanted to inform you that the individuals that directly interact with the CSC Property Team, both affluent and not, are nothing less than spectacular! Rick Arnold and Jonathan Place are always available for the CSC Team, providing hasty responses and expert technical advise. Deborah Solomon literally sent me an instant message about 5 mins ago with “Enservio is Wonderful!!”. Apparently she was having issues with 3 claims, and Kate Denny assisted her expertly, professionally, and amicably.

I, personally, deal primarily with the Enservio Select division with Amanda Barone as my liaison, and she is definitely an amazing contact! Her email responses are always very warm and professional, and her results are nothing less than exemplary! Also, Angelique Brelsford and Leah Letourneau are exceptional with their updates regarding claim statuses as well as notifying me with the completion of a claim package.

As for the Field Team, I have yet to hear a single complaint and nothing but praises for how great it is to have a contents specialist visit a loss site on their behalf. To make a long story short, from what I hear, the performance and experience with Enservio has been wonderful. And I just wanted to thank all of the individuals that we interact with for their spectacular services! Though I can’t speak for the entire company, I just wanted to say that, for my division, and the CSC team, we are very happy with Enservio! And it is definitely thanks to the individuals that we are in constant contact with! So thanks everyone and great job! It always makes me happy to hear that Enservio is at the top of its class!

Jonathan Price l Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company