Getting Your Life Back on Track After a Fire Loss

“He treated me with the care and concern that made me think I was his only client.”

On January my home in Virginia burned. I was asleep at the time, but was awakened by my smoke detector and pulled out of my upstairs bedroom window by the responding firefighters. After a couple of days in intensive care at the local hospital, I was discharged, and returned to find my house in ruins and all of my possessions destroyed by either fire, smoke or water.

I was, and still am, devastated by the events of that evening as I had never experienced such a scary and traumatic situation. As the details of re-construction and contents replacement unfolded, I was acquainted with the inventory specialists from SOS (Enservio’s onsite inventory team.) Specifically, I was assisted by a wonderful gentleman named Lou Ayres and his team of professionals from Richmond. It had snowed the morning he was to inventory the house, and other contractors scheduled to meet with me were cancelling. Not Lou Ayres. He and his men sat on I-95 North for an extended period of time as accidents were being cleared. I knew I was dealing with a professional company when Lou called periodically throughout their trip to let me know an estimated arrival time. They were not deterred by the elements and came plowing up my steep driveway in an obviously rear-wheel drive automobile.

After many years in a profession, it is easy to become calloused to the emotion that is associated with your work. I encountered many people after my tragedy who were not at all sensitive to the fact that this was my first fire and I needed to be educated about the whole process of reconstruction and content replacement. This was not the case with Lou. He treated me with the care and concern that made me think I was his only client. He explained the process, offered suggestions based on his experience and answered all of my questions with patience and genuine compassion. He seemed to understand how upsetting this all was and did everything possible to make it easier for me. He and his colleagues were efficient, thorough and so pleasant to deal with. I felt confident that they were experts in their field and I could trust their judgment.

After many hours in my house, their job was done. Lou called me to let me know they were finishing and gave me the location of several items of value that he had discovered and wanted me to examine. When I received the inventory, it was well over 100 pages and they found things I did not know I owned!  I want to be sure that the efforts of professionals like Lou Ayres and his team do not go unnoticed. It has been a few months and my life is getting back in balance. I didn’t want to forget to acknowledge how kind these individuals were to me at a time that I was compromised. Please be sure to commend these gentlemen. I have a positive impression of you because of how well you were represented by them.


A Very Thankful Insured Customer