Helping a Family Who Experienced Property Theft

“I would like to extend the heartfelt thanks from my family and myself for the assistance that your company has shown us.”

I am writing this letter to you and Mr. Scheer to express my gratitude for the outstanding and excellent service that your company, specifically your employees have shown to me and my family during this trying time as a result of the theft of our property.

Initially I dealt with Mr. Chad Horlbogen, who provided me with excellent care and assistance in selecting the items for replacement. Without his efforts I would still be floundering around trying to figure out the who’s and what’s of these replacements. Mr. Horlbogen then, upon the completion of his efforts, directed me to Suzanne  for further assistance in the shipment of these items.

In my dealings with Suzanne, she has shown me nothing but kindness and concern regarding this trying situation (theft). It was through her efforts and diligence that these replacement items were expedited to me. Whenever I contacted her with any question she had an answer to me within 24 hours and usually within the same day. I wish the Post office was as efficient as she is. Today, I spoke to her about the completing of the warranty cards for the camera and lenses I purchased. I mentioned that I didn’t believe I had kept the invoice with the price of the items I had purchased. Suzanne immediately got busy and had Mr. Erik Wyche email me the invoices in question. Now that is what I call service.

Mr. Wyche, immediately, upon Suzanne’s request, emailed me the invoices and thus has enabled me to put my files together. I wish to note that his assistance is also greatly appreciated.

As you can see from start to finish I have been privileged to have received only the best professional treatment that I feel  one could receive anywhere. When one experiences a theft of property it is a traumatic experience. The replacement of the property helps to offset the loss but with the treatment I have received from your company and employees it has made it a little easier to endure.

In closing I would like to extend the heartfelt thanks from my family and myself for the assistance that your company and employees have shown to us over the past few months.

Sincerely Yours,

A Happy Insured