Personal Property Theft at a Storage Facility

“It was a welcome surprise to find a company such as yours with such high quality people on the front lines.”

Some months ago I had a significant amount of personal property stolen from a storage facility, but was fortunate enough to have a homeowner’s policy that covered the loss. In dealing with a property loss representative, he informed me that he would put me in contact with your company to attempt to find suitable replacements for the lost articles.

The reason for this letter is to express my admiration relative to the quality of customer service epitomized by two individuals who I have had the pleasure to deal with; the first being Mike Corrigan and secondly, Laura Dolan. The professionalism exemplified by these two individuals is outstanding. They are extremely knowledgeable, very helpful in providing information and are two of the most pleasant people I have had the pleasure of dealing with on the telephone in a long time (they even returned phone mail messages within the hour).

I am president of a company that provides products and services to the petroleum retail and C-Store industry, dealing with customers ranging from large corporations to the local Mom & Pop C-Store at the corner. It’s a continuous challenge to ensure that all of our company’s associates treat each and every customer as a priority. Unfortunately, some of my conversations with customers are, too often, the result of us failing to achieve that desired level of customer satisfaction. But I can assure you that if I could model the level of customer service in my organization to that provided by Mike and Laura, my customer conversations would be quite enjoyable.

In closing, I would just like to say that it was a welcome surprise to find a company such as yours with such high quality people on the front lines. In a decade when many companies find themselves short of qualified individuals and must rely on automated phone systems while touting their “24 by 7” customer service, my experience with yours was refreshing and enjoyable. Please be sure and give my personal thanks to both Mike and Laura for their support.


A Pleased Insured