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Drive Superior Customer Satisfaction

chart-metric icon4 out of the top 5 2016 JD Power "Top Ranked Carriers in Customer Satisfaction" are Enservio customers
  • ContentsExpress® contents management solution enables tools for consumer self-service and leads to an optimized customer experience
  • Carriers using Enservio’s preferred pricing replacement solution delight their insureds with exclusive discounts of up to 30% on electronics, tools, and other consumer goods
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Increase Workflow Efficiency

chart-metric iconIndependent studies show that processing contents assignments with ContentsExpress boosts internal workforce efficiency by as much as 85%
  • The TrueLKQ® product search engine and AutoLKQ® match technology provide automatic like, kind & quality contents recommendations for inventory items from the industry’s most advanced contents database
  • The Enservio Customer Portal empowers your policyholders in the contents inventory process – speeding settlement and enhancing customer satisfaction while freeing adjuster capacity and speeding claim cycle times
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Simplify, Speed Settlements

pie metric90% of our adjusters were able to close a claim the first time using our settlement report

  • Carriers using our onsite inventory capture services provide immediate response as well as superior customer service to insureds during an emotional time
  • Carriers using our onsite inventory capture services typically experienced a 70% reduction in cycle time on large loss claims
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Pay The Right Amount

chart-metric iconDeploying a robust contents claims program can improve your homeowners' loss ratio by 2.7 points or an approximate 5% reduction based on key Enservio advantages

  • More accurate item match
  • Precise application of depreciation
  • Access to discounted replacement pricing
  • The Paysurance Card offers a reduction of approximately 80% in expense in comparison to the costs of cutting a settlement check