Free capacity by offloading contents to
a remote specialist

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  • LiveScribe® is a real-time transcription service offering you fast, efficient, and accurate inventory creation for your insureds’ lost items
  • Our contents specialists do the legwork, transcribing your insured’s inventory in real-time while you dictate items via your headset and extended battery as you move around the loss site
  • An enservio specialist will prompt you as appropriate to assist in accurately capturing all items
  • Completed inventory delivered to you within hours of scope
  • Available on-demand
  • Work directly with us or point us directly to your insureds
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How It Works

  • Call us at 888.567.7557 to schedule your LiveScribe Session (you can also request LiveScribe on-demand for overflow and CAT scenarios for added convenience)
  • Simply call your assigned enservio LiveScribe representative from the loss site and begin dictating your contents observations while the rep transcribes the inventory electronically
  • You’ll receive your transcribed inventory in MS Excel format within one business day of the session
  • You can utilize enservio’s expert valuation service to continue the claim process (optional)
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  • Create fast, accurate, and efficient inventories
  • Makes it easy to price and value inventoried items
  • Focus on your insureds and more strategic aspects of your job
  • Minimize back and forth with insureds by ensuring all necessary price driving data is obtained upfront
  • Examine items more safely onsite by working hands-free
  • Accelerate settlement of the claim, driving customer satisfaction and retention